Exhibitor Products

Exhibitor Products

  • Cutting machine for hydraulic flexible hoses up to 3'' 6SP.

  • Fittings assembly machine INSERT 02/PSM, capacity up to 2''.

  • Multifunctional unit to perform cutting, 37° flaring, pre-assembling, deburring and bending operations on rigid tubes.

  • Manual bending machine CMS42 up to maximum diameter 42 mm.

  • UNISPEED USFL/01 allows to perform pre-assembling operations of DIN2353 rings, with a manual pressure adjustment, to be set before each operation. Thanks to the addition of a special steel flaring blo ...
  • Service hose crimper Tubomatic H64PM to crimp hydraulic flexible hoses up to 1'' 1/2 2 braids.

  • Hose crimper Tubomatic H47E up to 1'' 2 braids.

  • Hose crimper Tubomatich H130 - 12volts version, ideal to crimp hydraulic hoses up to 2'' 4SP, industrial hoses up to 3''

  • Workshop crimper Tubomatic H135EL, ideal to crimp hydraulic flexible hoses up to 2'' 6SP, 3'' industrial hoses.

  • TUbomatic V59 ideal for high volume crimping of flexibile hydraulic hoses up to 1'' 6SP - 1'' 1/4 4 SP