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Seminar programme

Smart Factory - Concept to Reality (the journey to a smart future)

Fluid Power & Systems Exhibition 2018

10th April – Concept


10.30am - Opening Address: The value of Smart Manufacturing and the importance of adoption: Steve Brambley, Chief Executive,  GAMBICA


11.00am Panel Discussion – Morning

Topic: Industry 4.0: What is the benefit to manufacturers: The challenges & opportunities in the Smart Era

Speaker 1: Chris Richards, EEF

Speaker 2: Lynne McGregor – Innovate UK

Speaker 3: Asif Moghal, Autodesk

Speaker 4: Andrew Peters, Siemens

Chairman: Steve Brambley, GAMBICA


12.30pm – Preparing for the Smart Era - Dave Atkinson, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking


13.00pm – Manufacturers and the 4IR Journey: Chris Richards, EEF


13.30pm - Panel Discussion - Afternoon

Topic – Communicating the change of digitalisation: The Economic & Social Implications of the Smart Era

Speaker 1: Steve Brambley, GAMBICA

Speaker 2: Susan Scurlock, Primary Engineer

Speaker 3: Dave Atkinson, Lloyds Bank

Speaker 4: Tim Page, TUC

Chairman: Chris Buxton, BFPA


15.00pm – Cyber Security and the Smart Era - Stuart Moulton, Cisco



11th April – Transition


10.30pm - Opening Address: The front end of the digitalisation journey: Lina Huertas & Sam Turner/Jeremy Hadall, HVM/MTC


11.00 Panel Discussion – Morning

Topic: Making the Fourth Industrial Revolution a reality

Speaker 1: Sam Turner, HVM

Speaker 2: Martin Walder, Schneider Electric

Speaker 3: Susan Scurlock, Primary Engineer

Speaker 4: Sean Edwards, Santander

Chairman: Charles Joel, BCAS


12.30pm – Building Industry 4.0 into a Business: Sean Edwards, Santander


13.00pm – Digital opportunities: Sam Turner, HVM Catapult


1.30pm - Panel Discussion - Afternoon

Topic – Bridging the Gap between Manufacturing and 4IR: Dispelling the Myths

Speaker 1: Steve Sands, Festo

Speaker 2: Lina Huertas, HVM Catapult

Speaker 3: Victoria Montag, GAMBICA

Speaker 4: Marcus Burton - Yamazaki Mazak

Chairman: Jeremy Haddall, MTC


15.00pm – Making Britain’s manufacturing smarter: Lina Huertas, HVM Catapult


12th April – Implementation


10.30am - Opening Address: Smart Machines & Factories magazine’s 4IR Survey findings & conclusions - Steve Sands, Festo – Steve Brambley, GAMBICA – Chris Richards, EEF


11.00pm – Transforming the Digital Experience within Manufacturing Organisations, Sanjay Pradhan, SalesForce  


11.30am – 13.45pm – Implementing 4IR Case Studies

Case Study 1 (11.30am): Schneider Electric

Case Study 2 (12.15am): ABB

Case Study 3 (13.00): Mitsubishi Electric 

Case Study 4 (13.45pm): Gardner Denver


14.30pm: Additive Manufacturing in Fluid Power Applications, Alberto Tacconelli, Aidro Hydraulics 

15.15pm: High Savings in Vacuum, Rolf Hilfiker, Pneumofore 


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