Aidro Winner of Additive World Challenge 2018

15 Mar 2018

Aidro Winner of Additive World Challenge 2018


On Wednesday March 14, Erik de Bruijn, Co-founder of Ultimaker, announced Aidro Hydraulics winner of the Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge, in the professional category.

The Italian team from Aidro Hydraulics, have used AM to reduce a part’s production time and size, as well as optimising the flow performance of a hydraulic manifold designed for Additive Manufacturing. Aidro Hydraulics Team was headed by Alberto Tacconelli and Aidro CEO Valeria Tirelli presented their compact redesign of a hydraulic manifold in front of the 5 members jury, composed by representatives of CECIMO, Altair, Ultimaker, Additive Industries and Autodesk. 

Aidro redesign consolidated two parts, is smaller than its predecessor, and has an optimized flow because of improved, curved channels. The problem of leakage, caused by auxiliary plug failure, is eliminated and the weight is reduced by an impressive 70%. Aidro Hydraulics won the jury over with the massive applicability and commercial viability of their design.

Daan Kersten, CEO of Additive Industries, stated, “This year’s redesigns demonstrate again how product designs can be improved when the freedom of 3D printing is applied. It’s not only about topology optimisation anymore, but about eliminating manufacturing difficulties, minimising assembly and lowering logistical costs. These redesigns are really demonstrating a broad range of applications.”