Daikin bring 'ECO' Energy to Hydraulic Power Packs

16 Mar 2018

Daikin bring 'ECO' Energy to Hydraulic Power Packs

Zeus Hydratech Limited

Introducing the new 40 series Daikin ECORICH, Hybrid Hydraulic Unit, a modern hydraulic power pack utilising the very latest technology for the modern industrial world.  

The new ECORICH power pack unit incorporate a highly efficient IPM motor (exceeding IE4 class standards) for substantial energy savings and low heat generation. 

So how do the ECORICH power pack units compare against a traditional power pack assembly? 

A typical power pack unit would incorporate a fixed speed electric motor, sized to achieve maximum flow and pressure from the pump. Unfortunately, however, this means your electric motor is turning at full speed irrespective of whether there is a demand on the power pack or not, the net result is a huge amount of wasted energy, excess heat generation, premature wear on components and ultimately increased cost.

Daikin looked to the proven motor technology utilised within their successful climate control systems. Using a high efficiency variable speed electric motor, coupled to a fixed displacement gear pump, the ECORICH power pack units are able to respond in accordance with the flow and pressure demands within the hydraulic circuit. 

The net result is a massive energy saving of approximately 80% compared to a conventional power pack system using a fixed speed electric motor.  

These incredibly neat and well packaged power pack units are a true "Plug 'n' Play" solution and suitable for applications requiring up to 28.5 Litres Per Minute and up to 70 Bar pressure. 

Zeus Hydratech are the UK's official distributor for all Daikin Hydraulic systems. Our friendly and informative staff are on hand to assist in all elements of sales, technical support, spare parts and repairs of these fantastic Japanese hydraulic components.

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