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OP Srl

O+P Srl has been producing equipment for the hydraulic hose and rigd tube assembly for more than 40 years and thanks to the experience gained on the market, today O+P is a unique brand and one of the key players of its industry, with worldwide recognition. We manufacture crimping, cutting, skiving, pre-assembling, marking, washing and testing equipment for the flexible hose, together with bending, 37° and 90° flaring, pre-assembling, deburring machines and multifunctional units for rigid tube processing operations. Our machines can be used in a great variety of sectors: from Oil & Hydraulics and Oil & Gas applications, to the automotive, earth-moving, construction and shipbluiding industries. Our strong points are the extremely wide range of machines offered and the possibility we give our customers to completely customize the equipment they buy. We invest in high-quality materials, research and innoviation, which makes us a young and dynamic brand. 


Via del Serpente, 97
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  • Cutting machine TF6

    09 Mar 2020
    Cutting machine for hydraulic flexible hoses up to 3'' 6SP.
  • Fittings assembly machine INSERT 02/PSM, capacity up to 2''.
  • Multifunctional unit to perform cutting, 37° flaring, pre-assembling, deburring and bending operations on rigid tubes.
  • Manual bending machine CMS42 up to maximum diameter 42 mm.
  • UNISPEED USFL/01 allows to perform pre-assembling operations of DIN2353 rings, with a manual pressure adjustment, to be set before each operation. Thanks to the addition of a special steel flaring blo ...
  • Service hose crimper Tubomatic H64PM to crimp hydraulic flexible hoses up to 1'' 1/2 2 braids.
  • Hose crimper Tubomatic H47E up to 1'' 2 braids.
  • Hose crimper Tubomatich H130 - 12volts version, ideal to crimp hydraulic hoses up to 2'' 4SP, industrial hoses up to 3''
  • Workshop crimper Tubomatic H135EL, ideal to crimp hydraulic flexible hoses up to 2'' 6SP, 3'' industrial hoses.
  • TUbomatic V59 ideal for high volume crimping of flexibile hydraulic hoses up to 1'' 6SP - 1'' 1/4 4 SP


  • High volume crimper Tubomatic V59ES - up to 1'' 6SP, max. diam. 67 mm
  • Service crimper Tubomatic H13012V - up to 1'' 6SP, max.diam. 113 mm
  • Service crimper Tubomatic H47E - up to 1'' 2SP, max. diam. 46 mm
  • Service crimper Tubomatic H64PM - up to 1'' 6SP, max. diam. 64 mm
  • Tube bending machine - diameter 6-42 mm, maximum thickness 4 mm
  • Multifunctional Unit Center Junior - for cutting, 37° flaring, DIN2353 rings pre-assembling, bending and deburring of steel rigid tubes
  • Fittings assembly machine Insert02/PSM - maximum capacity 2''
  • Hose saw TF6

    05 Jun 2020
    High volume hose saw TF6 - 3'' 6 SP 4'' Industrial hose
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