Exhibitor News

Exhibitor News

  • STOBER has sponsored Rennschmiede Pforzheim, an initiative of Hochschule Pforzheim college in their hometown in Germany, to design and build an electric racing car for the 2021 Formula Student Electri ...
  • All manufacturers are moving towards more sustainable manufacturing, and for most this means getting more from existing plant and machinery. Most sites aren't full of state-of-the-art equipment but re ...
  • STOBER has developed a new economy version of its successful PE range of planetary gearunits. This new cost-reducing variation offers significantly increased performance, and featuring STOBER helical ...
  • Smallest SIL2/PLd & SIL3/PLe Rotary Encoders

    25 May 2021 TR-Electronic Ltd
    The Smallest Incremental & Absolute Encoders for SIL2 & SIL3 Applications  
  • EUCHNER has come out on top in the Safety, IT & Cyber Security for Industry and Automation category.
  • Best Bits: The COVID-19 Edition is here!

    19 May 2021 BearingNet Ltd
    BearingNet have released the latest edition of Best Bits!      
  • How to install a dew-point transmitter for best accuracy

    17 May 2021 Process Sensing Technologies
    Unlike moisture content, which is a simple of measure of parts per million the water dew-point temperature of a gas is a relationship between the moisture content, the temperature and pressure of the ...
  • Motion control equipment manufacturer, STOBER, has further developed its One Cable Solution (OCS) so that users can now connect motors and drive controllers at distances of up to 100m.
  • Automatic steam trap monitoring made simple

    12 May 2021 DCO Systems Ltd
    Steam systems are utilised across many industries from basic chemicals to food and found in many sites for district heating and hot water needs. If you rely on steam, then you probably have many steam ...
  • Micro Crimping tool

    06 May 2021 Klauke UK Ltd
    Manual crimping of cable lugs and connectors can be a labour intensive job, especially on larger scale production projects like cable looms. A solution to producing consistent results from beginning t ...
  • Michell Instruments has upgraded its compact portable hygrometer, the MDM50, with an extended range and a fast response speed. Featuring Michell's new SF82 dew-point transmitter, the upgraded MDM50 ...
  • Analogue Absolute Rotary Encoders

    23 Apr 2021 TR-Electronic Ltd
    Teach-in Analogue Output Multiturn Absolute Encoders configurable interface.
  • Shenler Relays from Charter Controls

    21 Apr 2021 Charter Controls (Unipower (UK) Ltd)
    Shenler Electric are a world leading manufacturer for Industrial Relays based in Zhejiang, China. Their products have been used globally under their leading brand OEM customer's private labels.
  • STOBER was commissioned by machine manufacturer, Demero Automation Systems, to create a complete automation system that applies metered sealants during the production of air conditioning units for the ...
  • Conveyor Sensor System Ready to go

    20 Apr 2021 Leuze Electronic Ltd
    Leuze is launching an innovative mounting bracket for their 25C sensors that saves conveyor system manufacturers both time and money. Designed for reliable pallet detection, the sensor and bracket are ...
  • The words ‘Smart Factory' have the ability to conjure up two thoughts: computing and complexity. For an engineer, this can seem overwhelming. There's a difference between admiring sleek gadgets in a ...
  • Linkwell Filter Fans

    31 Mar 2021 Charter Controls (Unipower (UK) Ltd)
    Brand new to the UK, Linkwell LK32 Series of Filter Fans and accessories brought to you by Charter Controls, UK Import Agent for Linkwell Electric.
  • Airborne & structure-borne ultrasound has become a major player in bearing condition monitoring. Once considered just a leak detector, more maintenance & reliability professionals are beginning to rea ...
  • Treatment for Machine Vibration Problems

    31 Mar 2021 Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd
    When looking at machine vibrations it is always necessary to be able to distinguish between normal operations and emerging problems.
  • Hows This For Starters.....?

    30 Mar 2021 EMO (Electric Motors Online)
    For more information on the Crompton Controls range of DOL Starters please contact us at Electric Motors Online Tel 02476 980833 Email sales@electric-motors.online Web www.electric-motors.online
  • PCL is passing on the benefits of its expertise in innovation and quality manufacturing to customers by providing extended warranties on a selection of best in class products.  Considerable investme ...
  • Custom Encoders From Precizika Metrology

    30 Mar 2021 EMO (Electric Motors Online)
    Precizika Metrology are a Lithuanian compny, they have been in the encoder business for 60 years and they have a long history of old traditions in the leadership of design and production of metrologic ...
  • A new world of Automation

    15 Mar 2021 Bosch Rexroth Ltd
    Nowadays, mechanical engineering is software development. The new ctrlX AUTOMATION platform is Bosch Rexroth's answer to this market requirement. It encompasses the latest engineering software technol ...
  • Taking on the bold approach of monitoring the entire system provides a clearer picture for engineers that fills in coverage gaps and reveals hidden problems.